About us

For 11 years, Bram Nijenhuis and the fantastic team of volunteers have been sailing through Hoorn. With the Water Taxi, we transport people from one end of the city to the other. Our goal? Making downtown Hoorn more beautiful.

In 2011, Oostereiland was inaugurated as a cultural island. We then started idealistically when someone asked us if we would sail visitors to the island.

We started out as a water cab. People liked it so much that they asked if we couldn’t sail longer.

Since then, taxiing is not the only thing possible at “Watertaxi Hoorn. That’s also how we started doing tours. In doing so, the water cab collaborates with various museums and restaurants making it a day out.

The classic bakdekker has also been added to make longer tours and the whisper boat can be rented for up to eight people.