Cruises Bakdekker

An example of what we can offer you;

Would you like to take your party to Volendam, Edam or e.g.. Enkhuizen? (with or without bicycles) Or a cruise around the port of Hoorn, it’s all possible. We also offer cruises of an hour or longer.

But with our beautiful bakdekker we also regularly sail to the Markerwadden, among other places. On this boat we take a maximum of 12 guests, we actually always rent the boat privately or otherwise discussed.

If we organize a tour we will leave from Oostereiland in the morning. Along the way we will have coffee, tea and some goodies.

You can have lunch at the restaurant on your own initiative while on the island.

Afterwards, you will have ample time to go for a walk.

In the afternoon we sail back with various snacks and drinks.

Price is on request.

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